Press | February 16, 2017

Exhibition Preview: Welcome to New Jersey

Fall by Jeremy Geddes After twelve years of inhabiting the famous Chelsea art district in New York City, Jonathan LeVine Gallery is now relocating to Jersey City with a newfound focus on community and collaboration. The latest Jonathan LeVine group show will now open as their inaugural exhibition in Jersey City. Titled Welcome to New Jersey, the exhibition will feature... read more
News | December 10, 2016

Juxtapoz Clubhouse Recap

Juxtapoz Clubhouse Recap Last week during Art Basel,  Juxtapoz Magazine opened the Juxtapoz Clubhouse, an immersive artist retreat and exhibition space in Miami’s Wynwood District.  Located at Mana Wynwood and with the help of Mana Urban Arts Project, the Clubhouse included our group exhibition A Conversation Between Friends (details below), as well as installations by Swoon and Dennis... read more
News | April 15, 2016

Studio Visit with Haroshi (Video)

In this video, Haroshi gives an introspective tour of his Tokyo studio as he prepares the prototype sculpture that was on view at POW!WOW! Hawaii.  Known for his signature DIY ethos and creating sculptures made from skateboard decks, the artist delves into his upbringing in Japan and what inspires him as an artist. Video courtesy of Magic... read more
Press | February 25, 2015

Haroshi featured on The Creators Project

  Haroshi’s Sculptures Turn Broken Skateboards into Art By Sami Emory Japanese artist Haroshi has stepped off his board and into the studio once again for his new series of repurposed skate deck sculptures. Still Pushing Despite The Odds, his third solo exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, features the self-taught artist’s statuesque reflections upon the... read more
Press | February 16, 2015

Haroshi featured on Spoon & Tamago

  New Wooden Sculptures Made From Recycled Skateboards by Haroshi Tokyo-based artist Haroshi began skateboarding at the age of 15. But as he amassed interest in the sport, so too did his pile of skateboard decks and broken parts. Skaters will tell you that they go through new decks in 1 – 3 months. Some... read more
Video | June 9, 2012

HAROSHI – new works + videos

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is very pleased to announce a series of incredible new sculptures by Tokyo-based artist Haroshi, which will be part of our program at SCOPE-Basel from June 12—17, 2012. Foot with Invisible Shoe (1-6) is a series of six sculptures created with used skateboard decks. Each foot is unique, created in pairs of... read more
Video | June 6, 2012

JLG @ SCOPE-Basel 2012

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to announce its program for SCOPE-Basel 2012, a group presentation featuring selected works by 18 artists including: Alex Gross, Brett Amory, Dylan Egon, Faile, Haroshi, Henrik Uldalen, How & Nosm, Jim Houser, Jordan Nickel (Pose), Marco Mazzoni, Natalia Fabia, Nicoletta Ceccoli, REVOK, Sit, Souther Salazar, Tara McPherson, Victor Castillo and... read more