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Dylan Egon

Dylan Egon was born in 1966 in New York City and is currently based in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Raised by two fine artists, he creates sculptures and assemblages that reflect American culture, whether through religious or monetary iconography. A New York Times review once referred to his work as “sites of cultural compression, fetishization and wonder.” Egon’s work often branches otherwise separate tokens and structures together, bridging concepts in holistic reflections of Western commercialism and other ideals. In this process, flat, screen-printed objects and three-dimensional pieces are also blended, offering engrossing points of entry. In a statement, Egon’s work is described as such: “His studies in anthropology, archeology, and film have proved valuable in communicating the themes his artwork often explores. Themes have included commercialism versus artistic integrity and the social implications of misplaced perceptions of value, with references to pop culture and iconology.” Egon’s works have been commissioned by Dior, Rolex, Chanel, and several other high-end brands and fashion houses. Last year, NO TOFU Magazine ran a Chanel Beauty editorial that included objects created by Egon.

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