Hybrid Thinking
curated by Wooster Collective

Gallery II
Group Exhibition

January 14, 2012 through February 11, 2012

NEW YORK, NY (December 19, 2011) — Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present Hybrid Thinking, a group exhibition curated by Marc + Sara Schiller of Wooster Collective, in their first curatorial since the groundbreaking 11 Spring exhibition, in December 2006.

Hybrid Thinking brings together six preeminent emerging artists from around the world and for some it will mark their first exhibition in New York. The show features work by: Dal, from Beijing, China (now based in Cape Town, South Africa); Herakut, a duo based in Frankfurt, Germany; Hyuro, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently based in Valencia, Spain; Roa, based in Belgium; Sit, from the Netherlands; and Vinz, born and based in Valencia, Spain.

With a wide array of discipline, medium, style and cultural influence, work by the six artists in this exhibition is thematically cohesive in its related subject matter—through figurative pairings of human and animal elements, the artists explore concepts of instinct, identity and metamorphoses. In the curators’ words: “Hybrid Thinking refers to the current zeitgeist of our time: disparate cultures coming together to create something completely new. Though from distinctly different cultural backgrounds, these artists share an understanding of our cities, of the human condition and our complex relationship with nature.”



DALeast was born in 1984 in Wuhan, China and is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. He studied Sculpture at the Institute of Fine Arts and began making art in public spaces in 2004. His murals can be found in cities around the world including the U.S., Switzerland, Namibia, France, Israel, Australia and China.


ROA was born in Ghent, Belgium, which is where he began his career painting abandoned warehouses and factories and became fixated on the creatures he found living in the wreckage. His distinct portrayal of animals on a massive scale has made him one of the most recognizable street artist’s worldwide, painting murals in locations such as Cologne, Mexico City, New York City, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Rome and Sydney. In 2011, Mammal Press released a limited edition book entitled “ROA – An Introduction to Animal Representation,” which chronicles his work through photographs, sketches and reference materials. That same year his work was included in Art in the Streets, the first major museum exhibition concerning the history of graffiti and street art, at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) in Los Angeles, California.    










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