Top IO

Solo Exhibition

June 27, 2009 through July 25, 2009

NEW YORK, NY (June 1, 2009) — Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present Top 10, a solo exhibition of new works by the Parisian street artist known as Invader. Returning to the gallery for his first solo show in New York, Top 10 marks a highly anticipated event for this internationally celebrated artist. Known for using mosaic tiles to re-create popular characters from vintage 8-bit video games (such as Space Invaders and Pac-Man) on the streets of cities around the world, the artist’s individual mosaics are carefully cataloged after placement in context to their surrounding environment. Yet, since the project has grown on a global-scale, each piece also carries considerable significance from a larger perspective—populating what is now a worldwide installation that stretches across the planet. Invader’s mosaics can be found on the streets of over 40 cities, on all five (habitable) continents. Like the game, his mission is literally an invasion of (public) space.    

Top 10 introduces a new series of original two and three-dimensional works featuring the artist’s signature pixel-based aesthetic, created in mediums such as mosaic tile and rubik’s cubes, which clearly translate the concept of pixilation (the division of visual information in digital format). Invader is the first artist to bring pixels to life, both in the physical world and in the art world. Echoing the neo-Impressionist painting technique of pointillism, with a contemporary voice, his evolved methods bring the composite image concept into the digital age. The show title Top 10 references popular music, as the artist has selected what he believes are the top ten album covers of his generation as subjects for re-interpretation using his own innovative technique of Rubikcubism. The term Rubikcubism is used to describe an art movement of which Invader is believed to be the originator, using Rubik’s Cubes (a 3-D mechanical puzzle game popular in the 1980’s). This exhibition also includes large-scale mixed-media sculptures in bright primary colors and a video installation of projected time-lapse footage, which reveals the geometric complexity of the artist’s incredible process in creating pieces in this show. To preview the video online, please visit:


Invader was born in 1969 in Paris, France, where he is currently based. In the late 1990s, he began placing popular 8-bit video game characters of the late 1970s on the streets of Paris, using mosaic tiles to simulate digital pixels. The project has spread on a global scale as the artist continues invading public spaces across five continents, on the streets of over seventy cities, worldwide. Invader was featured in Exit Through the Gift Shop, the 2010 Oscar-nominated documentary film directed by world-renowned British street artists Banksy. In 2007, Invader was the subject of an article written by Michelle Kuo in Artforum. He has also been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, ARTINFO and The Miami Herald. His work has been exhibited in numerous institutions including Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) in Los Angeles, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCASD) in San Diego, Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo (MASP) in Brazil and Musée Ingres in France. Invader has released several books containing photos, maps and other documentation of his work. In 2008, Trans-Atlantic Publications, Inc. released Invasion in the UK. In 2012, CTRL + P published L’Invasion de Paris 2.0 and in 2013, Mission Miami. In 2012, he launched a piece into the stratosphere, becoming the first artist to send an artistic creation into space and produced a short documentary film about the project, titled Art 4 Space.


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