Ashley Wood
Machine Sabbath

Gallery I
Solo Exhibition

October 20, 2012 through November 17, 2012

NEW YORK, NY (September 19, 2012) — Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to announce Machine Sabbath, a series of new paintings by Australian artist Ashley Wood, in what will be his debut solo exhibition in the United States. There will be a print release in conjunction with the exhibition, details HERE.

Ashley Wood applies an expressionist approach to erotic imagery. His female subjects and their surrounding environments are partially obscured and fragmented by extreme contrasts in light and shadow. Wood’s vigorous painting technique combines multiple layers of oil, acrylic and glazes, resulting in a painterly quality and high-gloss, drippy aesthetic.

In addition to works on panel and canvas, the exhibition also features two mixed media collages consisting of photographic Polaroid images as well as two sculptures of shapely right legs wearing strappy high-heeled sandals, each adorned with paintings of nudes on the outer calf.

In the artist’s words, “Machine Sabbath is an inquiry into the ambiguity of silent suburban backyards, the conversations that take place between the denizens of those private spaces and the machines that think for us.”


Ashley Wood was born in 1971 and is currently based in Perth, Australia. An award winning artist and illustrator, he is highly regarded for his work in a variety of medium, including oil and acrylic paintings and sculpture.

Ashley Wood

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