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September 12, 2012 -

Invader 'gets up' higher than ever with his latest project: Art4Space...

The prolific Parisian artist who has 'Invaded' cities around the world takes over a new territory by sending a piece into the stratosphere, becoming the first artist to send an artistic creation this far above the earth's surface.

A pioneer of the International street art scene, Invader creates works based on 8-bit graphics of vintage video games, translating pixels into mosaic tiles and rubiks cubes. Fifteen years after scattering these works across the earth with successive invasions on a planetary scale, the project has grown into a worldwide installation. This marks their first suborbital sojourn and the first time a visual artist or artistic creation has ever crossed the borders of the globe.

While preparing his exhibition for the Pulse art fair with Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Miami, the artist-activist took advantage of his proximity to the Space Coast, making his first space foray, a project he had long been planning.

On August 20, 2012, the mosaic Space One flew aboard a special device designed by the artist who adapted advanced technologies with his own resources. Equipped with a camera, the weather balloon crossed terrestrial atmospheres for a short stay in space before returning, bringing the premier astronautic work back to Earth along with a series of photographic images showing the mosaic work's perspective distance from space.

These photos will inspire the artist's new work presented in a solo exhibition at Pulse-Miami art fair with Jonathan Levine Gallery from December 6—9, 2012, during Art Basel Miami Beach. In conjunction with this presentation at the art fair, a publication chronicling this epic journey will be released as well as a short film and a Miami Invasion guide (a map of his mosaic works placed in locations throughout the city).

To follow in December, 2012

Solo Exhibition, Art4Space
Invader will present this entire project in a booth with Jonathan Levine Gallery at Pulse-Miami art fair during Art Basel Miami, December 6 to 9, 2012.

Publication, Mission Miami / Art4 Space
On the occasion of the exhibition a new installment of the Invasion Guides collection will be published. After Paris, LA, London, and Rome, this book will be devoted to The invasion of Miami as well as the Art4Space project.

Map of invasion, Invasion of Miami
True to his methodology, Invader will release a map of the Invasion of Miami, completing the collection of 22 city maps already published. Invasion of Miami will be distributed during the fair.


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