Jonathan LeVine Gallery Now Accepts Dash (Digital Cash)

July 16, 2015 -

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to announce we will now accept Dash (Digital Cash), a cryptocurrency that allows for instantaneous transactions.

The cryptocurrency service provider Node40 assisted Jonathan LeVine Gallery in setting up Dash, allowing us to effortlessly send and receive money anywhere in the world. Using a system comparable to online banking, Dash is stored in a digital wallet and transferred directly from person to person without a middleman, meaning there is little to no fee to transfer funds, funds cannot be frozen and there are no prerequisites or arbitrary limits. These benefits are making Dash increasingly popular worldwide, so much so that one out of every three people in Australian prefer using cryptocurrency over traditional banking.

Dash is a privacy-centric currency. Transactions are visible only to you and the other party involved, giving our clients the opportunity to remain anonymous while making payments, similar to using cash. Payments are received almost immediately and advanced encryption ensures complete security. Dash can also be easily converted into other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

For more information about Dash and to setup your digital wallet, please visit:

Node40 is the premier Dash crytopcurrency service provider. Founded by Perry Woodin, the organization removes the technological hurdles involved with setting up Dash masternodes and allows customers the opportunity to turn their Dash investment into a revenue stream.


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Jonathan LeVine Gallery Now Accepts Dash (Digital Cash)

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