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ROA - Work In Progress

April 01, 2015 - On Saturday, April 4th, we will present Metazoa, a series of new works by Belgian artist ROA in what will be his debut solo exhibition at Jonathan Levine Gallery. You can watch below parts of the artist's process in which he created all new works, painting on found objects he personally foraged and, like the displaced animals he portrays, acclimated to uncharted territory.    ....



Gary Taxali - Video Premiere

April 01, 2015 -  The video: Gary Taxali: The Art of Whimsy, was premieried on March 28th at the Canadian Art Film Festival and documents the award-winning artist in his private workspace as he talks about the aged-quality, texture and timelessness of his artwork. Watch below the short-film produced by Kyriakos Alexopoulos and Ryan Walker.   ....


JLG 10th Anniversary RECAP

March 25, 2015 -   Jonathan Levine Gallery celebrated its 10th anniversary last month with The Color and the Fury: 10 Years of Jonathan LeVine Gallery, a commemorative group exhibition featuring limited editions and prints. The last decade was full of significant occasions and the opening reception for this exhibition included many special surprises, such as a site-specific installation, an ice cream cart full of tasty ice cream sandwiches and a limited edition ZINE featuring artist’s quotes and pho....


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Jeff Soto x Oreo Collab

March 07, 2015 -   Jeff Soto was one of the 10 global artists asked by Oreo to creatively illustrate their new campaign called “Play With Oreo”. According to Rae Ann Fera, Jeff Soto says he was asked to interpret three words integral to the Oreo experience: dunk, roll, and twist (other artists were given other words, such as dream and wonder). Jeff states that "As a skateboarder, roll was the idea that really resonated with me and I came up with some fun and colorful ideas. I wanted to cre....



New Interview with Jonathan LeVine

February 04, 2015 - VantagePoint is a bi-weekly radio show hosted by James ‘JB’ Bullough (co-founder of mural collective JBAK) and Tom Auto64. Each episode features an established artist or someone related to the post graffiti/urban art/contemporary art scene and bridges the gap between the artwork hanging on gallery walls around the world, and the artists who create that work. Their last episode featured a really cool interview with Jonathan LeVine followed by a playlist of songs chosen by Jonathan. ....



January 23, 2015 - Jonathan LeVine Gallery is proud to present Dynamo Editions, a new online venture by Jonathan LeVine and Ken Golden. The site showcases limited edition, single run prints from established and emerging contemporary artists. Currently Dynamo is presenting inaugural prints by Kevin Cyr and Gary Taxali, hand numbered and signed, for you to enjoy. In the coming months, you will find bold and innovative work created by an impressive roster of artists. We want Dynamo Editions to be your go-to source ....


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Taku Obata in NYC

January 07, 2015 -  Taku Obata was in New York City last month for his solo exhibition "Bust a Move". During his stay, filmmaker Yusuke Oishi captured the artist's best moments along with friends and fans. ....


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