AJ Fosik, Alex Gross,
Brad Kunkle and Kevin Cyr
2901 NE 1st Avenue
Miami, FL 33137

Dec 1 thru Dec 6, 2015
Oh, The Places We Have Been:
Rediscovering the Past

Group Exhibition
557C West 23rd Street

Apr 2 thru May 2, 2015
The Color and the Fury
10 Years of Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Group Exhibition
529 West 20th Street, Gallery II

Feb 21 thru Mar 21, 2015
Greetings from New York City:
Jonathan LeVine Gallery Visits Berlin

Group exhibition at Urban Nation
Bulowstrasse 97, 10783 Berlin – Schoneberg

Oct 25 thru Nov 28, 2014
AJ Fosik
Against the Infinite

Gallery I
Solo Exhibition

Nov 23 thru Dec 21, 2013
AJ Fosik
Time Kills All Gods

Gallery I
Solo Exhibition

Oct 22 thru Nov 19, 2011
Group Exhibition + public mural project

2516 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami FL

Dec 1 thru Dec 5, 2010
Jonathan LeVine Gallery
Five Year Anniversary

Group exhibition
Feb 27 thru Mar 27, 2010
Scope-Miami 2009
Scope Contemporary Art Fair
Dec 2 thru Dec 6, 2009
Beach Blanket Bingo - A Summer Mixer
Group exhibition featuring
work by over 30 artists

Aug 5 thru Aug 22, 2009
AJ Fosik
At the Edge of Town

Gallery I
Solo Exhibition

May 12 thru Jun 9, 2007

Sponsored by Brazil Foundation
and Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Jan 31 thru Jan 31, 2007
The Newspace
530 W 21st Street, NYC

Jonathan LeVine Gallery at Bridge Art Fair
Artists: Andrew Brandou, AJ Fosik, Andrew Schoultz, and Matt Haber
Dec 7 thru Dec 10, 2006
Catalina Hotel and Beach Club, Miami, FL
Jonathan LeVine Gallery presents "Friendly Fire" at Berman-Turner Projects in California
Group show featuring works by Ray Caesar, Jonathan Weiner, Dan Kennedy, and AJ Fosik
Oct 14 thru Nov 11, 2006
Opening reception - Saturday, October 14th
Berman-Turner Projects, CA

Sometimes I Just Want a Hug
Gallery II
Group Exhibit

Nov 19 thru Dec 23, 2005
Opening reception - Saturday, November 19th, 6pm-9pm
Daniel Peacock and AJ Fosik:
Proof Denies Faith

Gallery II
Two Person Exhibit

Jul 16 thru Aug 13, 2005
Opening reception - Saturday, July 16th, 6pm-9pm
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